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Beyond the Enclosure of the Garden is an " artist's book” in which I give continuity to my subverted research on traditional materials and techniques, as well as deal with subject matter related to the memory, the ephemeral, the deletion and the transience. Photography appears as language, although such a work will not be considered exactly photographic, for its support differs from the usual and the cotton dyed paper inherits new attributions due to its precariousness. The printing process is like photoengraving, in which I search for imperfections, subtleties or the absent details at the accuracy of the photographic registry. The stains of time are noticeable by ageing and paper depigmentation caused by the UV rays that sensitize this support and engraves the image throughout the sun light -- these same rays causing its fade. The apprehended image - an old disused and abandoned textile factory from 1903 - than is felt as an illusion praised by the violet pigment and, at the same time, a physical representation of the real. Beyond the Enclosure of the Garden gains a relevant power through its images where vegetation captures the architecture in a process that one could call entropy. The man, a being belonging to Nature, needs to rethink his actions in the urgency of building a global and/or planetary community, a pertinent reflection at this moment.

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