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The title of the work dialogues with this place of passage and also the daily journey of residents and visitors to the Campo de Ourique neighborhood in Lisbon. The sidewalk, the pedestrians, the street and the vehicles are part and a starting point within the poetic process of the work. The apprehended image – an old door, a common element in most buildings and sometimes uninhabited in the urban look of Portugal – becomes an illusion enhanced by the violet color pigment and at the same time a physical presence as representation of reality. Stains of time are noticeable due to the aging and depigmentation ofthe paper caused by UV rays that sensitize the support and reveal it through sunlight. In opposite ways these same rays cause its bankruptcy, the life-size image is placed directly on the window glass, while under sunlight it will gradually fade (due to the fragility of the artisanal process).


The work consists of 15 pictures measuring 48 cm high and 36 cm wide on cotton paper arranged on the glass where they form the image of a door measuring 2.40 m x 1.08 m.

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