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Eco-Limits  2012

Led’s Electronic Pannel: "Your trajectory traces the line which invades my life" (in looping) 
94 cm x 17,5 cm x 5cm



Row of Houses  2011

Video: 1’ 35’’

Production and camera: Sonia Távora

Edition: Cleantho Viana and Daniel Santos

In her dislodgements made in long ways, Sonia Távora, presents the paradox that passes over the big cities’ problems: the poetic look that emerges when facing the not so rare cruel reality of areas invaded by several forms of violence. In Eco-Limits, Between Worlds and Row of Houses, the same universe of problems is explored. In the sentence painted (graffiti)  in the front wall of a house at the Alemão’s Slum Complex, in Rio – “Its route draws the line that invades my life”–, seen in a picture published in a newspaper show that poetry and perplexity become indelible marks of today’s reality.

On the other hand, the series Between Wall and Sidewalks Sifting Boards represents a set of architectonic elements that, in their totality, reveals the heterogeneous texture of urban landscapes. These panels give back the ludic dimension of the city, its somber inhabited atmosphere, and so transforming the hardboard paper surface into articulated modulations with the walls, attempting to capture the spectator.


Ivair Reinaldim

Professor, art critic and the exhibition’s trustee


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