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The space issues are present on the poetic of the diverse means used on Sonia Távora’s art productions. Working with painting, photographic series, engravings, videos, projections and occupations, are elaborated. 


On the majority of the times, she presents interest on the architecture of the expositive space, one of her motivations for the installations and interventions site specific, as well as on interferences on public areas where her works gain multiple attributions, for being on the streets, places whose senses are amplified concerning the conceptions of the work of art itself, a daydream where the real world is assimilated and, thus, absorbed by the imaginary. Sonia thinks the town and its scenario. 


On her creative process, one of her investigations is to associate the human reality as exterior and interior spaces, thus weaving immediately a poetic dialogue with the place itself. Inserted in such space, she becomes an observer of the world that opens up the strength of the thinking/creation. The work of art as body and way of expression questions the present, its urgencies, the relation to the other – part of ourselves where is inserted –, and the artistic action itself as means of transformation of individual and collective existences. 


On her works one can find issues being explored, taking us to think and question the “visible”, or altering the perception, proposing an estrangement and no more an already established vision of the world.

Tel: 55 21 996015339

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