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As an artist, Sonia Távora shows great interest in the manipulation of materials as well as in the elaboration of works that may dialogue with concepts of image and spacial occupation. This occurs with series of photographs, engravings and occupations – such as Triple Jump, 2006, On the Other Side and 221 Moments Under and Over the Sky, 2008, Between Worlds, 2009/2010.


Not only working on urban interferences, but also on exhibition spaces, Sonia points out for the potentiality which activates imagistic reflections between engraving, photography and sculpture. Such categories do not become confinements; therefore, they should be taken as starting situation points. In occupations such as This is not a Construction Work. and Ipanema Beach Red Carpet Project, both from 2006, the artist, belonging to a group and working as part of a collective exhibition, thinks the city and its face (identity). In Ipanema, the absurd installation of a red carpet on the street, a habit usually destined to hotels and ceremonial receptions, was stretched up until reaching the ocean. At the margins of the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas, an almost transparent white cloth was used as an abrupt cut of the paradisiac view. Standing between light posts, the cloth covered transparently the landscape – as a criticism, or maybe as an alert? Here the works gain a multiplicity of attributions, for they are on the streets of the metropolis, places whose senses are amplified concerning the conception of the art work itself.




With evident grades of sagacity for urban occupations, photographs, engravings, the artist is, nowadays, interested on the representation of water mirrors, fountains, ornamental water works, streams that in parks are part of the researches to which Sonia devotes her time poetically, as places, as memories.


Marcelo Campos

Professor, art critic and the exhibition’s trustee

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